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What is Extended DMS?

Extended DMS is a docketing extension tool as well as a document editor and browser. It empowers law firms to run paperless offices and streamlines processes for a more efficient workflow.

The Case Browser

Case files are easily uploaded into the Extended DMS tool and organized into relevant categories. Using the Extended DMS Case Browser, you can quickly glance through case files with the built-in preview window and go through a large number of files in an efficient manner. The Case Browser also features a search component that allows you to easily locate any file. The Case Browser mimics the physical process of leafing through a stack of files and is meant to provide an easy, user-friendly paperless option for offices.

Signing Case Files

The Extended DMS also allows you to quickly sign documents and place on official letterheads. When it comes time to sending off case files, you can easily finalize documents with a simple click of a button.

Emailing Documents

Tedious tasks such as emailing case files are also streamlined in the Extended DMS. The email feature included in the tool allows you to easily send any case with a click of a button, and the tool will even auto-populate the email body with relevant information from the case file.


Extended DMS User Guide Contents:

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